2015 US Formula 16 Nationals
& F18 Invitational Regatta


Auctions for the C4 Event are now closed. CRAW would like to thank Red Gear Racing for providing the Viper F16 charter boat that was won with an $1,800 bid. Through the generosity of Jill Nickerson and Robbie Daniel of Red Gear Racing/Fun in the Sun, 100% of these proceeds are going to support the expenses of the C4 Event.

We have a number of items that we're auctioning on-line prior to the regatta. These provide an important part of the funding for the regatta and help us to keep your registration fees as low as we possibly can. We're grateful to the vendors below who have generously made this merchandise available for you to bid on. Please support this effort, and go get a bargain!

ItemSupplierCurrent Bid
Viper Charter Red Gear Racing $2000.00
Glaser F16 Jib Glaser Sails and Dimension-Polyant Sailcloth $455.00